Tooth Extractions
in Wheat Ridge

Extractions are done when one or more teeth need to be completely removed.

What are Extractions?

Extractions are done when one or more teeth need to be completely removed. Extractions may be done on teeth that have become severely decayed, have become loose or have cracked, broken or fractured. The procedure may be done on baby teeth that are having difficulties falling out themselves. We may recommend having one or all of your wisdom teeth removed if they are impacted or do not have enough room to come up through the gums.

Why are Extractions needed?

An extraction is typically the last resort when it comes to dental health. We do everything in our power to save a compromised tooth before it is completely removed. In some cases, an extraction is needed because it will actually protect and preserve your oral health, as is the case with wisdom teeth. For kids, their baby teeth may not be falling out in a timely manner and will need to be removed in-office.

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What makes you a good candidate for an Extraction?

Extractions are a type of oral surgery, but they are relatively simple in nature. This means that most patients are good candidates for an extraction, if it is needed. To determine if a tooth needs to be removed, you’ll have to come in for a consultation with Dr. Adkins. We will do an exam and take x-rays of the tooth in question to determine if it needs to be removed.

What to expect with an Extraction?

You will first receive anesthetic or sedation of your choice. For more complicated extractions or if you’re having more than one tooth removed at a time, we may suggest and recommend general anesthesia. Dr. Adkins will remove the tooth using specialized instruments and provide sutures to the area if needed. You’ll go home biting down on a piece of gauze to stop the bleeding. You’ll be given take-home instructions on how to properly care for the surgical site. We can help with any post-operative care as needed and you should contact us if you experience any problems after going home.

If you think you may need to have a tooth extracted or simply want to learn more about this procedure, call our family dentist in Wheat Ridge so that our staff members can better assist you. Dr. Adkins is always accepting new patients and can provide dental care near Arvada, Lakewood, Littleton, and Westminster, CO!