Dental Fillings
in Wheat Ridge

A dental filling is used to replace decay in one or more teeth.

What are Dental Fillings?

A dental filling is used to replace decay in one or more teeth. When a tooth has a cavity, the decay needs to be removed in order to stop it from affecting the rest of the tooth. When the decay is removed, a small hole is left in its place, which is then filled with a composite resin material. Tooth-colored fillings are practically unnoticeable and can last for years with proper care.

Why are Dental Fillings needed?

You may need a dental filling if you have a cavity. Fillings are simple procedures that require local anesthetic. For very small fillings and small amounts of decay, no anesthetic may be used. Fillings can be used for both adult as well as pediatric patients. The purpose of a filling is to replace an area in the tooth that has become decayed.

Are Dental Fillings Safe to Get?

Dr. Christopher Adkins discusses how safe dental fillings and the types of fillings available.

What makes you a good candidate for Dental Fillings?

Because of the simplicity of the dental filling procedure, it’s ideal for most people who have one or more cavities. If you forgo having a filling placed, the decay that is in the tooth will continue to affect the structure of the dentition and may result in the eventual need for a root canal. Before it gets to this point, we recommend coming in for a dental filling. The procedure is quick, relatively painless and the actual restoration is matched to the rest of the tooth’s color.

What can be expected during the Dental Filling procedure?

Dr. Adkins will administer local anesthetic or sedation of your choosing. The decay is removed from the tooth using a slow speed drill. Once all of the decay has been removed, the hole is cleaned and dried before the filling is placed. The composite resin is then put into the small hole and smoothed out for a perfect, seamless look. The material is hardened using a bright curing light. Once hardened, the filling is in place and will last for years. Your new filling will help to keep your teeth strong and prevent the need for a root canal or complete extraction.

If you think you may need a filling or just want to know more about this treatment option, call our Wheat Ridge dentist today and we can help in answering your questions. Dr. Adkins is always accepting new patients and can assist families who are looking for dental care near Arvada, Lakewood, Littleton, and Westminster, CO.

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