Dental Bonding
in Wheat Ridge

We offer dental bonding to patients who have cracked, chipped or spaced teeth.

What’s Dental Bonding?

We offer dental bonding to patients who have cracked, chipped or spaced teeth. Dental bonding is matched perfectly with the rest of your teeth for a flawless, finished look. It can enhance your natural smile and allow you to feel confident in your appearance. It is a quick, effortless procedure that typically requires no anesthetic.

Why is Dental Bonding needed?

Dental bonding is normally necessary if you have a chip or crack in one or more front teeth. A tooth that has broken may need bonding in order to correct the overall appearance of dentition and restore integrity to the tooth. You may require bonding because you have gaps and spaces between teeth or if your teeth are uneven in appearance. If at any time you feel you could benefit from bonding, we recommend coming in for an exam as well as a consultation with Dr. Adkins.

What makes you a candidate for Dental Bonding?

Because dental bonding requires no anesthetic, it is ideal for most of our patients. Those who are unhappy with the appearance of their front teeth will benefit from dental bonding. When properly done, bonding can last for about 10 years before it can simply be redone and replaced. Dr. Adkins is able to consult with you about our dental bonding options and what to expect.

What can you expect during the procedure for Dental Bonding?

The front teeth that will be bonding will be cleaned and fully dried. The teeth are then prepared for the composite material. The composite is perfectly matched to your existing teeth so that it’s virtually undetectable to the naked eye. The composite is then smoothed over the affected tooth and carefully detailed to look like the rest of the tooth. The material is hardened with a curing light and smoothed out. You’ll then go home with beautiful dental bonding that will look and even feel like real teeth.

If you would like to have dental bonding done in our office, call our Wheat Ridge dentist today and we can help in scheduling an appointment for you. Dr. Adkins is always accepting new patients and can treat families in the Arvada, Littleton, Westminster, and Lakewood, CO as well.