Dental Anxiety
Solutions in
Wheat Ridge

We offer solutions to patients who suffer from dental anxiety.

What is Dental Anxiety?

Dental anxiety is the fear of visiting the dentist. This anxiety can manifest in many ways and can result in a mild fear when visiting the office to panic attacks related to receiving care. Our goal at Adkins Family Dentistry is to provide you with a relaxed, comfortable experience when being seen. We offer many different dental options, including sedation, to help your appointment with us go more smoothly.

Why might you have Dental Anxiety?

In many cases, dental anxiety is a lifelong problem that manifests during childhood. If you’ve ever had a bad experience in a dental office, this only perpetuates the cycle of fear. Many patients who are afraid of visiting the dentist put off receiving care and often allow smaller dental problems to get worse because of not seeking adequate treatment. The fear of the unknown or of experiencing pain is a major problem for those who are afraid to visit the dentist.

Overcoming dental anxiety

Dr. Adkins discusses steps to overcoming dental anxiety.

What is available to you to help your Dental Anxiety?

We offer a comfortable and friendly environment to help calm your anxiety. Our goal is to provide you with safe, effective care in a gentle, compassionate manner. We understand that you may be afraid to visit the dentist and will do everything that we can to make your appointments with us more enjoyable. Our mission is to help all of our patients achieve healthy, lasting smiles for life.

What can you expect with a typical appointment in our Dental Office?

Our office is designed to make your time with us comfortable and enjoyable. We never offer unnecessary treatment and always work with you to provide only the care that is needed. You will never feel rushed in our office, since we take our time with every single one of our patients. We welcome new and existing patients to come in and receive the dental care that they need.

If you have anxiety over visiting the dentist, we invite you to call our family dentist in Wheat Ridge and schedule a consultation to meet with our friendly staff members. Dr. Adkins is always accepting new patients and can treat families near Arvada, Lakewood, Littleton, and Westminster areas as well!